Monusco: Consultant - Advisor - Logistics and Construction Projects Governance


Consultancy Opportunity: Advisor - Logistics and Construction Projects Governance

Requesting Section: Engineering Section

Initial Duration: 3 Months

Date posted: 12th FEBRUARY 2016

Deadline for Applications: 25th FEBRUARY 2016

Location: Entebbe, Uganda

Program Area and Specific Projects involved:

(a) Major Construction Project implementation and Governance

(b) Coordination of logistics with various UN entities at the Entebbe Support Base (ESB).


1. Purpose of Assignment

The consultant shall provide support to MONUSCO Administration and the Engineering Section, through onsite leadership in:

(a) Construction works of capital projects

(b) Implementation of Governance Guidelines on Major Construction Projects

(c) Implementation of Governance at ESB and

(d) Coordination among MONUSCO and various UN entities, planning and developing policies for restructuring office and logistic infrastructure at ESB in accordance with the Global Field Support Strategy mandates of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations/Department of Field Support (DPKO/DFS).


2. Background

As assigned by the ESB Steering Committee MONUSCO is responsible for implementation of capital construction projects, finalize development plan of ESB including layout of offices for short term and long term accommodation in coordination with various clients in ESB compound and provide efficient logistic supports to all occupants in ESB. This scope of works includes everyday monitoring of construction projects through established governance guidelines, development of policies to serve MONUSCO offices as well as clients in

ESB through a mutually agreed relationship between MONUSCO as landlords and clients as tenants. Therefore, an on-site senior consultant with proper competencies is required to function as adviser and leader to support the scope of works. Engineering Section, MONUSCO has been delegated the authority to provide project management support to the capital projects and engineering support to clients as required whereas ESB administration has been assigned to coordinate with all clients to support them as necessary to establish policies and framework of services.

3. Scope of Work/ Work Assignments:

In undertaking his or her duties with Administration and Engineering ESB, the consultant shall carry out the following activities:

a) Perform the role of on-site representative of Project Management Group (PMG) as established by

MONUSCO Director of Mission Support (DMS) under Guidelines of Governance on Major

Construction Projects in Field Mission

b) Provide supervisory and advisory role through on-site observation at ESB to Project Management

Group, during implementation of Capital Projects of Major Construction works





c) Provide guidance as an expert on Contract Administration and Management to all stakeholders, as per

guidelines set by PMG on variances affecting cost, time, quality, risks, planned benefit and unintended


d) Provide leadership on preparation and revision of policies and framework to support clients of ESB and

recommend the same to the DMS

e) Provide leadership on logistic support planning and implementation

f) Act as representative of the DMS and the Chief Engineer for monthly reporting to the Steering

Committee on progress and financial matters on Major Construction Projects at ESB

4. Work Schedule and work place:

The initial duration of the contract beginning in March 2016 shall be 3 months with a performance based

possibility of extension. The consultant is expected work at the ESB for 5 days a week on a full-time basis. The

consultant may be requested to adapt additional payable hours of work from home or at ESB depending on the

Steering Committee and Site Works schedule.

The consultant will be provided with an Office within the ESB with laptop on mobility pack, telephone

extension and local area network connectivity arrangement.

5. Deliverables/End Product(s):

The consultant is expected to deliver the following:

i. Verify project designs and tender documents;

ii. Examine the Project Implementation Environment including required documentation (SOW, design

and specification, any requirement to review on already designed works), budget availability, and

ensuring sufficient conditions are placed in contract by engaging all stakeholders to avoid any

critical risks to organization, ensuring local communities are not affected by the project etc. and

advising procurement section prior to establish the contract;

iii. Monitor Project Management Team (PMT) for their timely actions, ensure the team has sufficient

and competent members to supervise on-site works on all specialized activities;

iv. Dispute are solved amicably between contractor and the UN or consultant when issues are not

solved on-site between PMT and the Contractor/ Consultant;

v. Policies and frameworks are on place on how MONUCO as landlord supports to its tenants, the

regional missions and offices at ESB; and

vi. Logistics support is effectively carried out as planned for the development of ESB offices, clients

and staff welfare areas.

6. Payment Schedule:

Monthly fee payment will be subject to an issued/certified contract and delivery of agreed monthly priorities.

7. Type of Supervision that will be Provided:

MONUSCO DMS and the PMG shall provide supervisory input in respect of ESB and Major Construction

projects respectively. The Chief of Engineering Section shall provide input to the work plan and technical

guidance of the consultant. The PMT and administrative units of ESB will provide logistical and other support

to the consultant wherever required.

8. Consultant’s work plan and Official Travel Involved:

The consultant is expected to develop a detailed work plan within the first week of the assignment under the

supervision of the Chief Engineering Section, MONUSCO to be approved by DMS, MONUSCO. Official travel

to the DRC for meetings and discussion will be arranged by MONUSCO and reimbursed according to UN rules

governing the activity of Consultants.


9. Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required:


- Masters Degree in Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering

- Additional training in Project Management, Contract Administration, Dispute Resolution and

Facilities Management are considered an asset.

Work experience:

- Ten years of progressively responsible experience in international construction project management

or contract administration and supervision

- Experience working in multi-cultural environment

- Experience working as senior engineering officers with UN peacekeeping or Funds and Programs is


- Experience working in the Governance of large Construction Project is an advantage

- Experience in environmental protection and sustainability is required.


- Fluency in English required.

- Knowledge of French is an advantage.

Technical competencies required for this consultancy:

- Experience in Planning and Preparing guidelines on facilities management

- Technical Knowledge of the theories, principles and methods in the following areas: contract

document preparation, valuation of contractor’s work, SOP preparation, writing high quality reports

on contract progress and close out

- Skills on organizing team of personnel from multiple expertise

- Skills on conflict resolution between contractor, consultant and the clients

- Technological awareness on environment protection

Knowledge of the latest theories, technology and practices in:

- International model on construction contracts such as FIDIC

In addition, the candidate has preferably knowledge of:

- United Nations Organization, its financial and procurement rules on the field

- Human rights issues,

- Gender balance and respect for diversity.

10. Application procedure:

All applications are to be received by email only. Interested applicants should submit their PHP or CV and a cover letter [email protected] and [email protected]

Your application should be received on or before 25th February 2016 as the duration of this announcement is seven (14) days.

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