SODEICO: Laboratory Senior Chemist

                                                        SODEICO is recruiting for his client:

TITLE:                                  Laboratory Senior Chemist
SALARY:                              COMPETITIVE
LOCATION:                         Lubumbashi


SODEICO, a company specialized in recruitment and outsourcing qualified personnel is recruiting a qualified Senior Chimiste. He/she will work as part of a team of laboratory, with the responsibility to control and undertake all relevant test work in the Wet Lab / AA / Spark OES / leco laboratory at Lubumbashi. Work in accordance to AHK Quality Systems, and Occupational Health and Safety Procedures. He/she must be dynamic and pro-active.


This Laboratory Senior Chemist will be under the authority of Laboratory Manager.


He/She will be in charge of :

- Operations Management

Provide all necessary technical skills in the laboratory, maintain quality and safety, and to perform general sample preparation and analytical tasks;
Safe operation of all laboratory instruments;
Ensure client expectations are met/ exceeded ;
Ensure the appropriate use of laboratory materials and equipment;

- Quality Control and Safety Management

Adhere to Occupational Health and Safety procedures and ensure that such procedures are followed by all lab staff;
Adhere to Quality Control procedures and ensure that such procedures are followed by all lab staff.

- Other Position Responsibilities

- Provide and gain technical skills in the laboratory;

- Maintain quality and safety during the working    hours and to perform general sample preparation and analytical tasks. To operate routinely laboratory instruments such as Spark, Leco:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       − Familiarise daily with work priorities and maintain those priorities                                                                        − Perform routine and non-routine analysis in the laboratory. Where possible become familiar with procedures which are outside the scope of the general laboratory staff                                                                  − Maintain laboratory safety standards                                                                                     

− Undertake tasks as directed by the Laboratory Manager                                       

• Perform routine analytical and physical tests, sample preparation and assay work:                                         − Ensure samples are prepared in a timely manner, according to priority or as directed                                             − Ensure correct procedures are used and adhered to                                                                                              − Ensure that tasks are not undertaken without training                                                                            

− Ensure laboratory housekeeping is performed                                                                                               

− Work in other sections as required

• Ensure client expectations are met/exceeded:                                                                                         

 − Ensure set tasks are completed on or before time                                                                                       

 − Investigate all out of spec results, and notify Laboratory Manager          

 − Notify Laboratory Manager of retest or other problems with samples or analyses                                      

− Report all client complaints/concerns to the Laboratory Manager and take appropriate action

• Ensure the efficient utilisation of laboratory materials and equipment:                                                                 − Notify Laboratory Manager of order requirements           

− Ensure efficient utilisation and minimal wastage of laboratory materials  

 − Ensure correct instrument procedures are used and adhered to                                                                                − Seek to improve the working methods and systems

• Implement Occupational Health and Safety procedures:                                                     

 − Ensure staff follows all safety procedures                                                                           

 − As a team member participate in Occupational Health and Safety reviews                                              

− Identify and report potential hazards and implement the corrective and preventative actions                                          − Aim for, and achieve zero accidents/incidents

• Implement Quality Control procedures:

 − Ensure correct quality control procedures are used and adhered to                                                                         − Identify and report quality issues and implement the corrective and preventative actions


Ability to work unsupervised, and the mastering of new procedures or tasks in the laboratory  ;
High level abilities in non-standard analyses, subjective testing or running non routine chemical process
Competence with routine operation of all laboratory equipment / instrumentation; including the relevant software and computer programs;                                                                           
High level skills and knowledge of calibration adjustment to instruments, and computer based instruments;                                                           
Able to maintain and troubleshoot on all instruments / equipment and classical methods ;
Ability to prioritise own work;                                                                                                                       -
Prepare reports of a technical nature on specific tasks or assignments, as directed within the scope of their technical training / experience;                                                                                     
Exercises broad discretion within the scope of this level;                                                                             
Plan, document and implement training procedures for subordinate staff


-Five years of formal college or university study in Chemical sciences.

-At least 5-10 years of experience.

-Speak and write fluent French and conversational English;

-Excellent command of computer skills (Word, Excel and Internet).


We invite you to post your resume and cover letter in English (mention the job title in the subject of your request): ‘Laboratory Senior Chemist’ on our website (fill the form) (join your CV in Word because any other format will not be accepted) before 30 Febrary 2018.

- Applicants unemployed are asked to bring a card job seeker issued by the ONEM.

- Only successful candidates will be contacted.

-The female candidates are strongly encouraged.







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