JOB TITLE                                : SUPERINTENDENT

REQUESTED NUMBER            : 1

SALARY                                  : COMPETITIF


PLACE OF WORK                    : MATADI


SODEICO Manpower is recruiting a “SUPERINTENDENT” Superintendent for a company evolving in the Port handling sector.The relevant person must be dynamic, pro-active and ambitious individual capable of meeting the challenges and achieves predefined objectives. He will have as a mission to Manages and controls the daily activities of the Operations Center, particularly in expanding this Section’s capabilities in becoming the focal point of the overall operational control and communication within Company.


The candidate will report to the OPERATIONS MANAGER.

3.Duty and Responsabilities:

Principal Duties:

Meets with the incoming duty Superintendent/Supervisor for briefing and handing-over of duties, assesses productivity levels and relays problems encountered in the shifts, follows up on balances of work, identifies problems encountered and gives instructions on corrective measures required to rectify the situations;
Ensures that there is an adequate allocation of manpower in every shift to serve all the activities of the Section;
Based on the notice of arrival from Shipping Lines/Clients and cargo forecasts, prepares berth map assignments and preliminary work plans;
Monitors weather conditions through the anemometer and on board crane readings, and alarms all operational units if wind conditions deteriorate;
Ensures that accurate, timely and complete reports/information is forwarded to all parties concerned especially to the Billing Section;
Ensures that gate movements and truck in/truck out movements are without delay and a smooth flow of traffic is maintained at all times;
Monitors Vessel and Yard operations with the aid of the system programs and submits periodic reports of accomplishments and problems encountered to the Operations Manager;
Ensures that the section is responsive to all customer queries (internal/external) and that immediate responses are consummated;
Responsible in accomplishing a monthly manning schedule that will ensure that the section is sufficiently manned round the clock;
Schedules and approves vacations and other forms of leave of personnel under Planning Section;
Responsible for the security and safety of all sensitive information and data;
In coordination with MIS, ensures that all modules of the software programs and hardware are in good working conditions in order to meet all requirements;
Makes recommendations to the Operations Manager regarding the operational practices and processes, to achieve reductions in cost and improvements in efficiency;
Assists Operations Manager in the preparation of Operations Center budget, reviews variances and initiates corrective measures;
Reviews all returned bills from Shipping Lines, analyzes the problem and makes recommendation to rectify the error.

Subsidiary Activities: 

Assists the Operations Manager in the training process of operations personnel in all aspects of planning;
Assists the Operations Manager by providing accurate and timely feedback on statistics or inquiries.

Combination Tasks:

Closely coordinates with all operational units concerning all the movements of containers in the terminal;

Leads in the daily operations meeting with Superintendents, Supervisors and Staff to discuss operational work plans, berth situations, allocation of cranes/equipments, yard situations, and special instructions;

Works closely with other Operations Superintendents to ensure that services provided by company are professionally and competently rendered. Cooperates fully in all Departmental initiatives to improve the profitability and the efficiency of the section;

Ensures that the discharge/load program is properly and accurately executed as preplanned by the Planners in planning department.

   d.    Other Duties:

Performs other duties that the superior may direct from time to time.

All above specified tasks should take into account the Health, Safety, Security and Environment aspects as from the planning phase.

The employee should ensure at all time that all interventions and/or works are performed in accordance with laws, obligations, rules and regulations related to Health, Safety, Security and Environment.


Excellent communication skills;
Excellent managerial skills;
Advanced analytical and reporting skills;
Methodological approach;

Action driven


College graduate of any course or its  equivalent With at least 4 years work experience in port, vessel and yard operations

Good in oral and written communication. Computer literacy skills


We invite you to post your resume (mention the job title in the subject of your request: « Superintendent"and your application letter on our website: , before 25th Otober 2015.


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