Abt Associates: Procurement of vehicles




Procurement of vehicles

Issuing Office and Address for Bid Submission:

Abt Associates, Inc.

6130 Executive Boulevard Rockville,
MD 20852

RFQ Issuance Date:

November 4, 2020

RFQ Closing Date:

November 11, 2020; 23:59hrs EDT, USA

Mode of Submission

Via email: [email protected]

Anticipated Type of Award:

Firm Fixed Price Purchase Order(s)

Basis of Award:

See “Evaluation Criteria” section

Funding Agency

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Prime Contract Name: 

Integrated Health Program-Democratic Republic of Congo (USAID/IHP-DRC)

Prime Contract Number


USAID Source / Nationality (Geo) Code:


List of Attachments included with RFQ:

1. Vehicle worksheet containing the required specifications

2. Abt PO Terms and Conditions                         

3. Prime Contract Flowdowns     

4. Abt vehicle minimum safety requirements document

About Abt Associates:

Founded in 1965, Abt Associates Inc., is a mission driven, global leader in research and program implementation in the fields of health, social and environmental policy, and international development.

With a global staff of more than 3000, and in over 60 countries, Abt Associates Inc., is recognized as an engine for social impact, fueled by caring, curiosity, and cutting-edge research that moves people from vulnerability to security. Whether it's welfare or weather disasters, the environment or economics, agriculture or HIV and AIDS, Abt Associates addresses the world's most pressing issues, and is known for its rigorous approach to solving complex challenges.

Approximately 51% of our staff has graduate degrees; one in six has a doctorate. Examples of Abt Associates work include nationally recognized research, evaluation, and technical assistance to improve efficiency of health care systems, effectiveness of government housing programs, the production of food, and the measurements of public opinion, and international public health.

Abt Associates has been ranked among top 20 global research firms and one of the top 40 development innovators. 

Requested Products:
Abt invites bids from eligible manufactures /manufacturer authorized suppliers of vehicles listed below:

Seq #

Product Description

Requested Qty

Requested Delivery Dates



Vehicle, SUV

(see attached worksheet for specifications )



CIP Kinshasa, Congo DRC

Instructions to bidders

If reference is made (in the attached vehicle worksheet) to any brand, whether directly or implied, it is for reference purposes only intended to provide a common reference point for all. Other brands are acceptable provided they meet the salient characteristics in the worksheet, which are: Body Type, Fuel type, Seating capacity, Transmission, Drive, Driver's position, [additional accessories, such extended fuel tank, Bull bar and winch, second spare tire or snorkel (when requested in the vehicle worksheet), and finally compliance with the stated USAID Source/Nationality Geo code.
Answer completely each element and item of information requested in the vehicle worksheet, and explain and/or justify any deviations.
At a minimum, bids must include the following details to be considered compliant:

Fully completed Appendix A, or if a different format is used, all the information requested therein.
Warranty information, including a summary of what is covered by the proposed warranty, the entity responsible for the Warranty offered – i.e. Manufacturer, the bidder, or other 3rd party (specify).
In-country after sale service locations (list all names of Regions/cities as applicable). Note that due to infrastructure challenges in Congo DRC, after sales service availability for this procurement is required in the following regions (or close proximity of no more than 150miles):

Kasai Central
Kasai Oriental
Sud Kivu
Haut Lomani
Haut Katanga

List after sales services covered in the quoted price, and any applicable instructions.

A statement that offer is compliant with Abt minimum safety requirements.

Communication concerning Abt's solicitation or the offeror's bid shall be made through the authorized buyer identified below. Unauthorized contacts are basis for disqualification.
Offeror is required to reference the Abt RFQ number on their offer/quotation. And are requested to respond by reply to the applicable RFQ issuance email
Bids must be signed by a duly authorized representative of the bidder. And must contain the bidder’s full address, and contact details.
Given the different styles suppliers use to present their offers and need to simplify this analysis process, we have included a Bid sheet at the bottom of this RFQ.  Use of this form is strongly recommended. If the bidder chooses to use another format, please be sure to include all the information included in the Bid sheet below.
Bid submitted without all requested information can be disqualified as non-responsive.
Bids shall be valid for 120 days after submission.
Consignee and where applicable, ship to address,  as well as other country specific shipping instructions and requirements will be shared with the winning bidder at time of order placement.
This request does not commit Abt to any costs incurred by your efforts to respond to this solicitation.

Evaluation Criteria:

Award will be based to the most advantageous offer, the following factors considered:

Compliance with specifications (see attached vehicle work sheet), and RFQ instructions
Price and cost related factors
Delivery lead time
Payment terms

[See Appendix A: Bid Sheet on next page below]


RFQ COD-IHP-V2020-1026K -[Supplier Name and Full address]

Offered Vehicle Description


Unit Price

Extended Price

Unit Freight Cost

Unit Insurance Cost

Country of Origin

Shipping Country
(shipping from?)

Quoted INCO Lead time
(in weeks)

Total Cost

Other Required information:

General and logistics Information:

Country of Origin:
Country of Shipping (where shipped from):­­­­­­­­­  ­
Manufacture Year:
Model Year:
Number of Vehicles per container:             
Type and size of container:
Quoted US flagship vessel option (Quote US flag vessels where available):  Yes/No
If answered NO to # 7 above, provide reason:
Aftersales service locations (specify province and cities as applicable):
Warranty information (specify duration and covered services):
Quote validity:
Payment terms (Note: Abt standard terms are net 30 days payment terms):

Technical Specification (refer to attached vehicle worksheet to ensure full compliance):

Fuel Type:                                                                                                
Body Type:                                                                                              
Appx Engine Displacement:
Seating Capacity, incl. driver:                                                     
Drive (eg 4WD/AWD):
Driver’s Position:                                                                         
Extended or Dual Fuel Tank:
Bull Bar (front and back):
Second Spare tire:
Skids plates to protect the transmission:
Metal wheel tracks for driving in mud or sandy roads:
Roof rack

List and explanation of Deviations from requirements:

List of Attachments included with this quote
(not mandatory but helps ensure we account for all your attachments):



Name and Title (include Company stamp or on letterhead):



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