GP: Trade and Policy Specialist

Position Description (PD) Trade and Policy Specialist - 2017 1
210, la Paix, Q/ Himbi, C/
Goma- Goma Ville, Nord Kivu, RDC.
N° Impôt: A1715534E
Tél +243810000991, +243996750546
Email: [email protected]
Griffine-Plus SARL, a leading HR Company based in Goma DRC is recruiting on behalf of one of
his client, an USAID funded Straighten Value Chain Program for the above mentioned position:
The Trade and Policy Specialist is responsible for guiding and implementing trade and policy
objectives for the Straighten Value Chain Activities. In addition to specific project
responsibilities, s/he will provide technical assistance and strategic advice for trade and policy
issues specific to the soybean, bean, and coffee value chains for the duration of the project.
S/he will also manage the project’s trade and policy STTA staff and consultants.
Supervisory and Project Support
 Work with and support SVC team on trade and policy matters
 Supervise trade and policy STTA personnel and project subcontractors who are working,
on matters related to trade and policy,
 Develop draft reports and contribute to annual work planning.
Improve Business Enabling Environment for Coffee, Bean, and Soybean Sectors
 Improve capacity of value chain actors by analyzing and addressing business enabling
issues that impede coffee, bean, and soybean sector growth
 Identify and help the project to address constraints to increased trade with local and
international markets
 Encourage increased production and investment in agriculture by identifying and helping
the project to address restrictive formal and informal tax issues.
 Develop and maintain working relationships with local and national policy makers to
improve government services, regulation, and taxation
Collection and Storage Center Assessment
 Plan and oversee an initial storage center capacity assessment, including:
o Assessing existing commodity collection centers and storage facilities in targeted
REF: GP/OUT/005/2017
Title: Trade and Policy Specialist
Reports to: Nutritional Crops Market Linkages Specialist
Supervision of: Trade and Policy STTA
Location: Bukavu, South Kivu DRC
Position Description (PD) Trade and Policy Specialist - 2017 2
210, la Paix, Q/ Himbi, C/
Goma- Goma Ville, Nord Kivu, RDC.
N° Impôt: A1715534E
Tél +243810000991, +243996750546
Email: [email protected]
o Mapping facilities vis-à-vis local markets, trade corridors, and the local security
o Determining facility state of repair and available equipment.
o Reporting findings of the assessment to SVC Activity and other USAID
implementing partners’ staff to inform work planning.
Radio Broadcasting Program
 Assist in content development for VC actors to raise awareness of existing trade and
taxation regulations and inform listeners of avenues for reporting incidences of illicit
 As deemed necessary, collaborate with SVC Gender/Youth Inclusiveness Specialist to
organize separate listening clubs for women working along targeted VCs.
 Work with local authorities to disseminate information about government initiatives
aimed at monitoring and addressing informal trade.
Association Workshops
 Conduct workshops for associations, cooperatives, and other VC actors to teach them
how to formulate and present their collective concerns and recommendations to local
authorities and to effectively engage in public-private dialogue to influence trade policies
and regulations.
The Trade and Policy Specialist will work collaboratively with the overall project team. S/he will
collaborate with Techno Serve staff supporting coffee value chain trade and policy issues as
needed. S/he will also work closely with the Post-Harvest Handling and Storage Specialist, local
government, traditional authorities, and other USAID implementing partners as needed. The
Trade and Policy Specialist reports directly to the Nutritional Crops Market Linkages Specialist
Education: Master’s degree in policy, business, development, or related field.
Work experience: A minimum of five years’ working with organizations providing trade
facilitation or policy services or services designed to strengthen the business enabling
Work experience providing technical assistance through USAID-funded programs is an
advantage. Work experience in the coffee, soybean, or bean sectors is an advantage.
Skills: Excellent organizational skills and an ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
Good supervisory and management skills. Excellent organization and time management skills.
Position Description (PD) Trade and Policy Specialist - 2017 3
210, la Paix, Q/ Himbi, C/
Goma- Goma Ville, Nord Kivu, RDC.
N° Impôt: A1715534E
Tél +243810000991, +243996750546
Email: [email protected]
Ability to multi-task and capable of efficiently responding collaboratively to the needs of the
project. Ability to identify and effectively respond to continuously evolving technical and strategic
Languages: Excellent language proficiency in spoken and written English and French.
Kiswahili capability is an advantage.
Application Procedure:
The interested and qualified candidates should submit their cover letter and resume (Including 3
professional references) to: [email protected] cc: [email protected] by
Friday 17th November 2017 with Trade and Policy Specialist as subject of the E-mail.
Bukavu, October 30th 2017.
The Outsourcing Department, Griffine-Plus SARL.

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