UN VOLUNTEERS : Associate Civil Affairs Officer for Goma, DR Congo



                        1.  Assignment Title:                                 Associate Civil Affairs Officer

                        2.  Duty Station, Country:                         Goma, DR Congo

                        3.  Duration:                                               Until 30 June  2024 with possible extension

                        4.  Expected Starting Date:                       01 July 2023

                        5. Host Agency/Host Entity:                     MONUSCO

                        6.  Description of tasks:


Under the authority of the Team Leader of the Planning, Reporting, Monitoring, and Evaluation, the UN Volunteer will undertake the following tasks:

Contribute to the formulation of the Mission’s strategic provincial plan.

Identify emerging issues and analyse their implications.

Gather information and prepare analytical reports on the impact of political, social, and economic issues on conflict dynamics at the local level and how these relate to the developments at the national level (and conversely), and impact on Mission mandate implementation.
Report on Civil Affairs activities carried out in support to and coordinated with local authorities, civilian institutions, and NGOs.
Contribute to overall mission monitoring and planning as required.
Prepare or contribute to the preparation of various written reports and communications, e.g., Security Council reports, draft sections of studies, background papers, policy guidelines, briefings, case studies, presentations.
Produce weekly, quarterly, midterm reports, and analysis for CAS and Mission management.
Coach Field Office teams on the Local Conflict Analysis and Planning tool to address key conflicts.
Coordinate with Civil Affairs Pillar leads of Protection of Civilians (POC) and Stabilisation and Civil Affairs Coordinator in the field monitoring and evaluation of respective programmatic activities.
Support existing protection mechanisms at the local level in their reporting and analysis of key challenges to the protection of civilians as well as of early warnings of potential threats against civilians and of community conflicts.
Formulate actionable recommendations for the good offices of Mission Leadership to help address these challenges and threats.
Contribute to the facilitation and support to dialogue between groups in conflict through the organization of structured meetings, dialogue sessions and similar activities.
Provide support to initiatives that build the capacity of local authorities and civil servants;
Participate to Joint Assessment Missions and Joint Protection Teams, together with MONUSCO substantive sections, in support of protection of civilians and stabilization activities. Coordination with Government/Civil Society/NGOs
Participate in the identification of new or emerging civil society issues and support the development of programs to address them.
Establish and maintain contacts with local interlocutors, including representatives of local authorities and communities, civil society actors, non-governmental organizations as well as representatives of local interest groups on protection of civilians and stabilization matters, in line with the Mission’s political engagement strategy.
Engage with and provide technical assistance and advice to civil society groups or institution that promotes a culture of peace and reconciliation, in support of the Mission’s protection priorities.
Provide support to events or activities (e.g., public fora, town hall meetings) to foster the development of political space at the local level, and in particular, dialogue and cooperation between local authorities and relevant interest groups.
Liaise, assist, coordinate, and share information with local government and humanitarian/development actors active in the region to plan and coordinate peace consolidation and stabilization development and assistance programmes.
Contribute to the monitoring and evaluation of programme performance.
Contribute to the monitoring and evaluation of programme performance.
Contribute to program evaluation by drafting success stories, CA factsheet, website and share portal update and lessons learned as required.
Provide support to the planning process.


             7.  Qualifications/Requirements:


Degree level:   Bachelor's degree

Type of Degree:  International law, Political or Social Sciences, Sociology, or any related field. A combination of education and relevant work experience may be considered in lieu of the advanced degree; Formal training in basic statistical analysis. 

Years of work experience:   2 years of related professional experience.

Computer skills:  Excellent computer skills in Microsoft suite. Database Technology or Information Systems is an asset.


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