World Food Programme: Market Analyst (Cash and Vouchers)



Junior Professional Officer


Market Analyst (Cash and Vouchers)

World Food Programme

Closing date:

24 April 2016


I General information


Market Analyst (Cash and Vouchers)

Sector of Assignment:

Vulnerability Analysis & Mapping and Monitoring & Evaluation Unit


Democratic Republic of Congo

Location (City):



World Food Programme

Duration of Assignment:

Initially one year with the possibility to extend up to 3 years


P1 step 1 or P2 step 1 in the first year, depending on the level of education and relevant working experience


Note: This post is opened in the context of the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) scheme sponsored by the Government of the Netherlands and is addressed exclusively to candidates from developing countries. Candidates MUST BE NATIONALS OF DEVELOPING COUNTRIES THAT APPEAR ON THE LIST OF THE FOLLOWING ELIGIBLE COUNTRIES FOR THE DUTCH JPO PROGRAMME:


For criteria see the website of Nedworc Foundation:

Please read the criteria and FAQ section carefully before considering applying


II Duties, responsibilities and Output Expectations


Within the framework of the new Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation launched in DRC on 1st January 2016, WFP aims to expand  cash-based Transfers (CBT) up to a total transfer value of USD38M over a two-year period. The choice of assistance modality (in-kind, cash or vouchers) is always carefully made based on a feasibility analysis that consider comparative efficiency and effectiveness of alternative delivery mechanisms. A major pillar of the analysis relates to functionality and integration of food markets along an assessment of the preference of the affected population and protection consideration.

WFP has corporately invested in developing tools and protocols for rigorous market analysis and has committed to systematically roll out such tools in all field operation, while at the same time strengthening both national and non-governmental capacity to adopt the same protocols to ensure longer term sustainability.

To this end, the DRC Country office is reinforcing its own internal capacity by increasing staff with specific market analysis skills and experience to support the work of the Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) unit, including through the opening of a position of junior Market Analysis Officer to be based in the capital Kinshasa.

The position intends to assist the heads of the unit in the following areas: markets assessments, Market information management and dissemination, capacity building of non government partners and national counterparts.   

 Market assessments

Undertake market-related field assessments to relate food security situation and vulnerability of households to market functioning and outcomes in assessments and analyses, for example, through applying market analysis tools;
Update market prices database and analysis; produce market analysis to be shared through the Food security Cluster or other for actors;
Backstop market-based interventions (e.g. cash, vouchers and local purchases) through provision of market analysis support; including, support in the planning, design and conduct of trader surveys and analysis to assess food security and local market conditions in coordination with procurement and logistics officers;
Ensure that ex-ante cost-efficiency and effectiveness analysis is carried out for all market-based interventions through the application of the corporate tools (alpha value and Omega tool) and oversee the quality/consistency of such analysis;

Market information management and dissemination

Identify lessons learnt and best practices established for use in further WFP cash & food programme interventions and act as the focal point on matters related to cash/voucher programming;
Information on different C&V approaches employed by UN agencies and NGOs for food or non-food intervention is systematized for the benefits of all stakeholders;
Liaise with other UN organizations and INGOs which are employing C&V in DRC to foster knowledge exchange, promote coordination and harmonization of approaches and identify potential opportunities for partnerships;
Participate to the C&V working group based in Kinshasa;

Capacity building

Build WFP and Partner staff capacity to integrate market analysis into assessments, monitoring systems and response options;
Liaise with WFP M&E unit in the regional bureau and HQ to ensure continues improvement in M&E methodology and formats related to market-based transfers;
Ensure oversight and analysis of the field level monitoring including outputs and outcomes, and, in coordination with the C&V officer out-posted in the east, produce regular progress reports on WFP DRC implementation of market-based interventions;
Act as the alternate of the C&V officer based in the east;
The JPO will participle to the Cash working group activities


III Training component: Learning elements and expectations

Upon completion of the assignment the JPO will have/ will be able to:

Have developed very good knowledge of WFP corporate policy and guidance on the use of Cash and Vouchers
 Be familiarized with the market assessments tools employed by WFP and how they complement vulnerability analysis and mapping
Have gained a good understanding of opportunities and challenges related to design and implementation of market-based transfer in complex crisis such a DRC
Be capable to translate market information into recommendations for program design
Have first-hand experience of linking assessment findings and operational planning.

The JPO training programme includes the following learning elements:

A functional induction at the beginning of the assignment, including field travel to locations where C&V and/or local procurement is taking place
A TDY opportunity to neighbouring countries
Involvement in relevant regional or HQ-level trainings or C&V related workshops
The JPO position includes a Duty travel and training allowance (DTTA) of $4000 per year which may be used for learning activities related to the assignment and career development.


IV Supervision

Title of supervisor: Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) Officer (Head of Unit) 

Content and methodology of supervision

The technical supervision and day-to-day coaching will be provided by the VAM officer who is an experienced international staff member of WFP (P3 level). The JPO will also benefit from more strategic guidance from the Head of the Programme Section (Senior programme policy adviser P5) who oversees the section work-plan implementation and will act as 2nd level supervisor.

Clear objectives and an individual work-plan will be discussed and set within the first month from arrival of the staff, to achieve the outcomes described above. 

The corporate Performance and Competency Enhancement (PACE) system will be used to define expectations and links to unit and country office priorities, and feedback will be provided periodically on the basis of this. The JPO’s workplan period review will allow to keep track of the progresses in acquiring new skills and capacities and to monitor the learning phase.

The JPO will be fully involved in relevant programme discussions with the Deputy Country Director and the Country Director and will learn also from these interactions. 


V Required Qualifications and Experience


Advanced University degree or University degree with experience and training/courses in one or more of the following disciplines: economics, or development and/or agricultural economics, or a related field with strong economics content.

Part of the candidates' academic training (either  BA or MA) must have taken place in a developing country that appears on the following list of eligible countries of the Dutch JPO Programme.


Working experience :

Two to maximal 4 years post graduate, progressively responsible, job related experience. Practical work with cash and/or voucher based programming in an emergency/post-emergency environment a strong asset. International NGO experience preferred.

Languages :

Working knowledge of English and French (proficiency/level C)   

Key competencies

 Knowledge of database administration as well as data analysis (e.g. SPSS) and empirical analysis software (SAS, STATA, EVIEWS…) would be strongly desired;
Good understanding of humanitarian sector and preferably conflict-related displacement settings;
Ability to work in a team, and establish effective working relations with persons of different national and cultural backgrounds;
Ability to establish priorities and to plan, co-ordinate and monitor own work plan;
Flexibility to work in an environment with strict deadlines and changing operational priorities and flexibility in accepting work assignments outside normal desk description.


VI Background information on Agency/Department/Section

WFP DRC Portfolio

With over 400 staff of which more than 70 percent based in the field, WFP runs a substantial portfolio of programmes in DRC. The main operation is a Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO) 200832 aims to provide life-saving food assistance to vulnerable groups such as IDPs and refugees, mainly situated in the east. This 2-year operation (2016 –2017) targets a total of 3.2 million beneficiaries for  nutrition support; relief food assistance to address  food security gaps of displaced, refugees and the host community as well support to livelihood and infrastructure rehabilitation.

Additionally WFP support around 70,000 refugees from Central Africa Republic through the Emergency Operation (EMOP) 200799 support refugees from the Central-African Republic residing in the northern provinces of DRC. Most of those refugees are receiving assistance through Cash Based Transfers.

In cooperation with FAO, WFP is also supporting smallholder farmers’ value chain development. This operation seeks to build capacity among farmers so they are able to increase their agricultural output and sell their surplus on the local markets.

Over the last two years Cash based transfers have grown to become a significant component of the WFP plan of work in DRC with a budget of nearly USD40M. The modality is being used in relief context - general voucher distributions to IDPs – as well as or recovery actions - voucher for asset creation and cash transfers to support repatriation of refugees.

To underpin this expansion WFP DRC has been progressively strengthen systematic and regular market assessment capacity. The technical lead in such assessment is the Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping Unit (VAM) which sit in the programme section   to underpin programme design, mainstream best practice and roll out innovation at scale with e-vouchers or other solutions that should clearly demonstrate increased cost-efficiency, including use of the WFP corporate IT platform for the registration of beneficiaries and transfers management.


VII Information on living conditions at Duty Station

The JPO will be based in Kinshasa, the capital city of DRC. Kinshasa is a very large city with an estimated population of more than 8 million. There is sizeable expatriate community of UN and Embassies’ staff, which is mainly concentrated in Gombe area.

WFPs main office is situated along the Boulevard 30 Juin, the main artery of Kinshasa. There are 5 sub-offices and three field offices/antennas which are responsible to manage field operations in 6 provinces of the country.

Kinshasa has been confirmed as a family duty station for UN staff as of 1st July 2014.  The city centre and Gombe area offer all the essential goods and services, supermarkets, and restaurants are abundant although pricey. The living conditions are good with adequate quality accommodation available. Nonetheless power cuts are common, though most apartment blocks and houses are equipped with generators. The city is under UN Security Level System 3 whereby all newly arrived staff undergoes security briefing by United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS).

Almost all UN specialised agencies, programmes and funds are present and active in DRC although at varying degrees.

The DRC is home to the largest UN peacekeeping mission in the world with the ambitious task to create security in the most volatile of provinces in the East, with some 20,000 men and a reinforced Security Council mandate.

UN agencies and MONUSCO work in an integrated manner under the leadership of a Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG).


VIII How to apply

Applications only on-line through the WFP homepage: > Netherlands


The deadline for application is: 24th April 2016 midnight.


Applicants will receive acknowledgement of receipt of their submission

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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