Effective: 1
Deadline: August-15-2022


Main Function: Logistics & Warehouse

Location: Kinshasa, DRC

Designation: Logistics & Warehouse Manager, Beverages

Reporting to:  Business Unit Head

Role Objectives :  For the efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of goods, tools, machinery, auto fleet and PPE.

Key Abilities

Organizational skills, Operational excellence, Leadership, People Management

Key Accountabilities

General Management:

Overall responsible for the Warehouse operation as below
Receiving of the finished products from the production department
Proper storage of FG as per the standard procedure
Loading  the products to the Kinshasa sales as per their requirement maintaining the stock reconciliation DSE wise etc
Loading the products as per the requirement of Kolwezi team with discussion with sales in charge \ director
Prepare the necessary documents externally \ internally
Coordinate and arrange the required manpower as per their dispatch plan requirements.
Monitor and update the labours in \ out timing attendance \ OT in the card
Monitor and record of IN & Out of Products \ vehicle etc
Follow the FIFO \ FEFO without Fail
Daily Prepare the stock statement and submit to the concern person
Daily Coordinate with the Production department for the effective planning of production and fulfil the market requirement
Coordinate with directors for all the government related official visits registrations, renewals, returns under different government legislations etc.
Coordinate with directors for the supplier visit etc
Maintain the Warehouse Clean , remove the unwanted materials time to time
Monitor the Truck Condition , Coordinate with the Truck technician for the necessary corrective action
Monitor the Truck Condition , If anything related to welding \ fabrication Coordinate with the welder  for the necessary corrective action
Monitor the Vehicle Millage \ Fuel consumption on daily basis, If any deviation update to the concern person.
Monitor the elevator condition coordinate with technician for the necessary repair & Maintenance
Coordinate with store for the diesel requirement for the Truck \ boiler etc
Coordinate with store \ Local Purchase person to purchase the necessary material from the local market as per the standard
Collecting the cash and Managing the day to day expenses as per the direction from the management and submit the expenses statement
Priorities our own Truck for the Kolwezi dispatch
In lean season Priorities our own truck for the Kakaknda \ Fungurume Trip
In Lean season – Sunday operation to eb eliminated , coordinate with sales \ director pre plan the dispatch for Kolwezi etc on Saturday its elf
If any sales requirements on Sunday \ holidays need basis pre plan and load on Sundays
Coordinate for the RMPM receiving and unloading
Continuously Monitor the Ware house Handling damages cases \ repack time to time and shortage will be  balanced from production department, No FG stock to be shared to RMPM loss to accounts
Any repeated defects in the FG \ feedback from the Market coordinate to the production team with samples for their observations and necessary corrective actions
Monitor the Pallet conditions  and coordinate for the repairing
Monitor the cleaningness of the vehicle and coordinate time to time for effective cleaning
Monitor the Daily \ regular mandatory checking for the Trucks as per the checklist
If any Pallet or space constrain coordinate in advance to the production department for the effective production planning
Against the production plan coordinate to the production team for the space \ pallet \ elevator etc.
Focus to avoid the storage and Handling damages of FG
Monitor and do the needful the pest controlled activities
Follow the Business promotional gift articles , as per the standard protocol \ approval coordinate to issue as per the requirement
Monitor the security activities give the necessary inputs to the director
Weekly \ Monthly once consolidate the stock reports with accounts department any deviations inform to the concern person and do the needful
Following Food Safety, Quality Safety & Environment

Ensure all relevant Safety, Food Safety Quality and environmental policies procedures and controls are followed in all the WH related activities

Adhere to all applicable regulations, policies, and procedures for health, safety, and environmental compliance

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities




Min. 5 years’ experience at senior position having logistics & Warehouse responsibility and overall, 15-18 years’ experience in Logistics & Warehouse preferably in Beverage’s industry
Extensive knowledge of Beverages products

Familiarity with the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies in the Beverages Industry

Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges
Excellent communication skills

Scale & size of operation

Must have done new product development and handled turnover of USD 30 - 40 Mn

Educational Qualification

Bachelor's degree or MBA in Related Field

Preferred background

Beverages Industry


High Professional Integrity & Ethics

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