Monusco: Consultant, Water and Sanitation Engineer


Consultancy Opportunity: Consultant, Water and Sanitation Engineer
Requesting Section: Engineering Section
Initial Duration: 3 Months
Date posted: 12th FEBRUARY 2016
Deadline for Applications: 25th FEBRUARY 2016
Location: Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Program Area and Specific Project involved:
(a) Provision of safe drinking and bulk water to all the MONUSCO staff (civilian and military);
(b) Design and management of Wastewater and Sanitary Infrastructure at Mission area.
1. Purpose of Assignment
The consultant shall provide support to MONUSCO and Engineering Section Field Offices in water and
sanitation sector monitoring, project implementation, drinking water safety planning, water quality and sanitary
infrastructure. He/she should assist and advise on the various auditing processes and implementation plan.
2. Background
Under MONUSCO, Engineering Section is responsible for ensuring the sustainable use of the water purification
and bottling plants and providing potable water to MONUSCO’s staff both military and civilian in all locations.
Engineering Section provided a basis for proactive planning in the supply of water and the sustainable
management of water resources. Various type of sanitary infrastructures are also designed and managed mission
wide by the Engineering Section.
3. Scope of Work/ Work Assignments:
In his/her work with Engineering Section, MONUSCO, the consultant will carry out the following activities:
(a) Undertake field visits and surveys in order to evaluate current situation of water and sanitation
operations and issues
(b) Analyze as per DPKO environmental policy and other related guidelines in regard to water and
sanitation issues (water quality, management of drinking and waste water); identify problems and
propose remedial actions and advise on the design and construction & maintenance of water (including
source development, treatment, storage and distribution) and wastewater sanitation infrastructure in
line with such guidelines
(c) Provide technical and procedural advice in a broad range of water, environmental areas and sanitation
systems;recommend solutions to water, environmental and sanitary engineering problems as they arise
(d) Develop the work plan for the field offices and monitor compliance to ensure objectives and targets are
met and achieved, identify alternative courses of action, to accelerate/improve the project
implementation and program delivery
(e) Coordinate activities and establish effective monitoring, information and reporting systems, and in the
development of communication materials and strategies
(f) Follow/review the audit reports status of work and advise accordingly
(g) Train the staffs in the Field Offices on relevant water and sanitation, environmental issues
4. Work Schedule and work place:
The initial duration of the contract beginning in March 2016 shall be 3 months with a performance based
possibility of extension. The consultant is expected work within the mission in DRC for 5 days a week on a fulltime
The consultant will be provided with an Office within the MONUSCO Engineering Offices in Goma, DRC,
equipped with a laptop on mobility pack arrangement, telephone extension and local area network connectivity.
5. Deliverables/End Product(s):
The consultant is expected to develop a detailed work plan to be validated by the Chief Engineering Section
within the first month of the assignment towards the delivery of the following:
(a) Verified project designs and tender documents
(b) Drinking water safety plans at field sites
(c) Timely progress and financial reports
(d) Effective monitoring , reporting and evaluation systems
6. Payment Schedule:
Monthly fee payment will be subject to an issued/certified contract and delivery of agreed monthly priorities.
7. Type of Supervision that will be Provided:
The MONUSCO Head of Water and Sanitation Unit in Engineering Section shall provide overall supervision.
The Chief of Engineering Section shall provide input to the work plan and technical guidance of the consultant.
The Head Water and Sanitation Unit will provide oversight and support to the consultant wherever he/she will
be based.
8. Consultant’s work plan and Official Travel involved:
The consultant is expected to develop a detailed work plan within the first week of the assignment under the
supervision of the Water and Sanitation Unit Head and the Chief Engineering Section.
The consultant may undertake travel to project sites as and when approved by the Chief, Engineering Section.
Official travel within the DRC will be arranged by MONUSCO.
9. Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required:
Qualifications of consultant to be contracted:
- A minimum of a first degree in one of the disciplines in the following areas: Civil Engineering,
Environment, Sanitation Engineering, or a field relevant to WASH-related development assistance.
- Additional training in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene is considered an asset.
Work experience of consultant to be contracted:
- Fifteen years progressively responsible experience in Water and Sanitation project implementation,
monitoring and supervision and evaluation or related field.
- Experience in environmental projects
- Experience working with UN, Government and NGO partners is desirable.
- Experience working in the water and sanitation sector in Africa is an advantage.
- Fluency of both English and French required.
Technical Competencies required for this consultancy:
- Knowledge of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
- Technical Knowledge of the theories, principles and methods in the following areas: water supply
project management, monitoring and evaluation, integrated water resource management, water
supply and sanitation technologies and environment.
Knowledge of the latest theories, technology and practices in:
- Water supply system and sanitation facility construction
- Drinking water safety planning
In addition, the candidate has preferably some knowledge of:
- UN peacekeeping programmatic goals, visions, positions, policies and strategies.
- Knowledge of global human rights issues,
- Client oriented
10. Application procedure:
All applications are to be received by email only. Interested applicants should submit their PHP or CV and a cover letter [email protected] and [email protected]
Your application should be received on or before 25th February 2016 as the duration of this announcement is
seven (14) days.

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