O&M, Site Security

Management Service Consulting recrute pour son client la position ci-dessous :

 Job title: O&M, Site Security

Section : Operations & Maintenance

Reports : O&M Manager

Organization : Telecom

Workplace: Kinshasa

CDD Contrat

Effective : 1

Deadline : May 31 2021


 1. Handles site security management including access management.

 2. Plans the cost-effective and optimized security solutions to protect the equipment and property on the sites, in accordance with local security laws and regulations.

3. Reviews regularly the security levels of sites and any information gathered shall be recorded in risk level maps, implement changes if required.

 4. Ensures zero Losses in Monthly Reconciliations with Subcontractors and Client

5. Mages sure Salaries to the Guards are transferred in time

6. Ensures to avoid any site outage due to security issues e-g Access Blocked, Union issue, owner or Guard problematic

7. Ensure that there should be no union of Guards

 8. Ensures to resolve all the owner/Guard problematic issues in time

 9. Ensures to avoid illegal electricity theft from the sites

10. Reports any significant security breaches; undertakes full investigation; recommends course of action in consultation with the direct supervisor and takes action according to the process.

11. Maintains the Security Operations Manual up to date for use by all site security personnel to cover the following: duties, individual instructions for each post, attendance, use of security equipment, dressée standard, training etc.

12. Creates reports as per guideline, showing the security status of each site, risk levels, etc.

13. Ensures that only authorized persons have access to sites, according to the process.

 14. Ensures to maintain record of site access (e.g register at each site) and all requests for aces granted or denied are recorded in the site movement/activity log.

15. Ensures that all security guards follow the company OHS policies & client guidelines.

 16. Watches for irregular or unusual conditions around site premises that may create security  concerns or safety hazards.

17. Monitors and evaluates site performance on key security issues and programs and participates in the inspection process.

 18. Establishes and maintains client relationships at the site level to deliver high quality client service.

19. Participates in client tours within the facility as requested.

 20. Maintains and implements security training programs for security staff.

21. Oversees that all aspects of the security fonctions on-site are performed in a diligent manner (staffing, scheduling, and on-site training, personnel assigned to his/her site).

22. Responds to client requests.

 23. Sounds alarms or call police or fire department in case of fire or presence of unauthorized



• Ensures the Subcontractor Penalty Scheme is communicated.

• Ensures Risk Assessment is reviewed and updated at least once per year.

 • Handles the application, compliance, and regular updating of the security plan in place both by the

     local team as by visitors. It cannot be copied or transferred without prior authorization.

 • Ensures visitors receive a proper security and context briefing and monitor the security adherence.     • Reviews documentation, procedures, templates, and work methodologies to make sure they are

      aligned with operational activities

. • Conducts regular site inspections.

 • Reports any hazards or risks in addition to accidents/incident to QHSE department.

 • Be aware of and complies to organization’s IMS Policy.

 • Abides by organization’s local legal and client requirements.

 • Attends and engages in IMS awareness sessions.

 • Ensures that all IMS procedures are regularly followed and raises the issue when they are not.


 • More than 7 years Technical experience in field

 • Or More than 5-year managerial experience in Telecom industry

• Government security Forces Background is preferred

• Familiar with MS office, communication tools like emails



• Minimum H.N.D in Technical Field

N.B : Only selected candidates will be contacted for the next step.

           Apply to this adress : [email protected].

           Good luck in your job search process.


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